Diving with manta Rays at Manta point , From Lembongan
4 Sep

Diving with manta Rays at Manta point , From Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan (and Ceningan and Penida) Bali, Indonesia

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The islands Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida sit together in a small group, 20km to the South East of Bali.
Nusa Lembongan is closest to Bali and is the most developed. It has some nice sandy beaches and a few spots with excellent corals and fishwife. Nusa Ceningan is a thin sliver of land further south east. Its waters are shallow and are used for farming seaweed.  There doesn’t seem to be much of interest to snorkelers there. Massive Nusa Penida is furthest from Bali and dwarfs the other two islands.  It has the least tourist development. Most of the coastline is vertical cliffs, giving no access to the sea.  The South west coast is a favorite spot with divers looking for Manta Rays and Mola-Mola (Oceanic Sunfish).

There is some nice snorkeling to be found in the islands, but not much of it is accessible from the beach.  Underwater currents are strong and the better corals are located far from shore. There is breaking surf over sharp reef in a lot of places, with surfers (and their pointy footwear) making the most of it.  All of this is not conducive to safe off-the-beach snorkeling. If you are a hardcore type, it is possible to swim to some decent snorkeling spots at Nusa Lembongan, but for most people, the only option is to take a boat trip.  If you have decided to swim to the reef, you can add boats to the list of hazards you’ll have to contend with.

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There is lots of mid to high end accommodation on Nusa Lembongan and a handful of cheap places.  There is also accommodation on the other islands, but much less of it.

How to get to manta ray point

A lot of company have regular fast and slow ferries from Bali. There are a few operators doing expensive (100 USD) all-inclusive day trips from Bali.  There are fast ferries from the Gili Islands in North West Lombok. but if you much faster and much cheaper fast boat service , there is Arthamas Express. They have 3 time schedules departure from Sanur to Lembongan , Lembongan to Sanur , from Lembongan they have boat shuttle , that shuttle routes include manta ray point.








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