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Quick guide to Lembongan island

What is Nusa Lembongan?


Let me give you quick guide Lembongan.Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan are paradises in island Bali with almost no car in the island , so , it makes a huge differences between Nusa Lembongan , Nusa Ceningan between Kuta , which is in Kuta with a huge traffic jam , so much motorbikes and cars , no hawkers and there is less tourist than Bali’s main island. It’s the bali we’ve dreamed of. Nusa lembongan isn’t a big island so location becomes less important. However, being right on the beach, living the island life is the standard of Nusa Lembongan accommodation with very few properties in the center of the island. These properties have added a little luxury to their hotels with pools, bars, restaurants and even room service at some. The best part about Nusa Lembongan accommodation is that even the most luxury hotels are still really cheap compared to other island destinations around the world. This is your chance to live in the lap of luxury for a fraction of what you would normally pay.

Where is Nusa Lembongan?


Just south of  Bali, about 30-40 minute with boat trip from Sanur It holds three islands: Lembongan, Cenengan in the south, and Penida further southeast. Nusa Lembongan is the closest to Bali, the one where we disembark from the boat, and where most travelers stay. Nusa Ceningan is a very small island about 2km in circumference, connected to Lembongan by a beautiful yellow suspension bridge. And Nusa Penida is a large island that has virtually no tourism, and serves as a wildlife and bird preserve.

These tropical islands are full of treasures, from world-class snorkeling and surfing to great landscapes, magnificent beaches and lush jungles…

quick guide Lembongan

After you safely arrived to the Nusa Lembongan the first thing you do is rent the motorcycle to hit the bungalow or hotel .Then hit the road of Nusa Lembongan , but we suggest you to first hit the road to Nusa Ceningan because there’s lot beautiful spot waiting for you to explore. The roads are plain fun to drive along, most often along the beach or on the hills, with the most breathtaking view and expect chicken running wild on the road , dogs and the monkey also sometimes. Before you going to the nusa cenengan , there is a bridges between nusa lembongan and nusa ceningan to connecting the both islands ,the local says “Jembatan Kuning” which mean is yellow bridge , it is a colour of the bridge it’s self. the bridge it’s self is a trademark , so make sometimes to take a couple selfie

quick guide Lembongan

What to do in Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan & Penida? Quick guide Lembongan

As I said, there’s pleeenty to do on the islands. And not only lying on the beach even though it can be an option

quick guide Lembongan

Road trip around Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan


That’s the way to do it! Rend a motorbike and get lost on the islands’ roads. It’s the best way to explore around and discover some hidden treasures. Not a motorbike fan? Rent a bicycle. Wanna see something unusual? Coming from Nusa Ceningan, when you cross the bridge in Nusa Lembongan, take the right. You’ll get a beautiful road through lush forest and mangroves. everywhere in the trees. I told you unusual, not beautiful! I know you won’t have any troubles to

Cliff Jumping in mahana point

quick guide Lembongan

Mahana Point is in Nusa Ceningan, 2 minutes walk from the Secret Point Hut. The cliff jump stands at towering 13m, with a smaller 6m jump. The atmosphere is great at sunset -stunning views, music, Bintangs, great people.

Surfing in lembongan

quick guide Lembongan

Lembongan have lot of spot to surf and the waves around the islands are amazing, although you’ve got to be careful, as you’re entering treatcherous waters. There are five spots around the islands: Playgrounds, Lacerations, Shipwrecks, Razor and Ceningan. When you know the names, you know it’s not for beginners. Ceningan surf break is right in the Secret Point Hut’s backyard

Meet the Mantas (and jellyfish) in Nusa Penida

quick guide Lembongan

My first snorkeling experience was in Nusa Lembongan, two years ago, and I always thought I beautified this moment in my mind. Well, I didn’t. Snorkeling in Nusa Lembongan really is unique. We go with Captain Bobo, his warung/house/boat is situated in Lembongan, on the Mangrove. Only 7 people on the boat, the atmosphere is laid-back and friendly. Arrived in Nusa Penida, we look up for mantas until we find one, then we all quickly jump in the water to see it closer. The water is clear and calm. The manta is so big, it’s majestic. It feels like it’s flying. We are overawe. But we won’t stay too long on the water, as it’s full of jellyfish stinging us (no pain, no gain!). Afterwards, the snorkeling adventure continues in Crystal Bay, the Wall and the Mangrove -no jellyfish there, only shallow waters overflowing with colorful fishes and corals. What a wonderful world!

When the best time to go to lembongan?

The purpose of your vacation there for sure to relax, have fun under the sun right? So do not get caught in the villa all day due to rain or the weather is less supportive. Do not worry, we’ve divided the two main seasons you need to consider before leaving for Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida

Rain season Dry Season
October-April May-September

How To Get To Lembongan?

We suggest to choose Arthamas Express, Arthamas Express provide fast boat transfers offer three schedules a day depart from Sanur. Arthamas Express offer complete transportation include pickup service from your hotel in Bali and also transportation Lembongan with cost only IDR.550.000/pp. Choose your fast boat and you will reach lembongan about 30 minutes crossing Badung strait directyly to Jungut Batu bay in Lembongan. It will be awesome if you have a chance to visit lembongan with Arthamas Express. Now you get quick guide Lembongan, So explore the Lembongan island!












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