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Traveling to Lembongan Island

Have you look closely to Bali’s map , there are separate island between Bali’s main island, so have you think there’s any tourist object?

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Well exactly, the small island located next to the main island of Bali is Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and  Penida. If viewed from the entire map of Bali, will be seen three islands such as the island of Bali island where the region of Lembongan is less than Nusa Penida and larger than Ceningan. Almost every inch of the region in Bali is a beautiful tourist attraction. Proven in this small island in Bali, is a very stunning beach tourism and not less with beach tourism on the island Menjangan. Unfortunately, unlike other tours in Bali, before getting to the tourist attractions Lembongan we have to pass the sea is quite far with the distance of about 30-40 minutes. But when you get to the destination, it will pay off when you see the beautiful view of the sea in this Lembongan.

Lembongan island


Lembongan has a length of 4.6 km and width of 1-1.5 km is located about 11 km southeast of Bali. Administratively, this island belongs to Klungkung Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia.

To get to the location of Lembongan island, you have to cross the strait of Badung with the help of ships that are sure to wait for you to cross to Lembongan. But it’s good you order first ship which you will ride for crossings to Lembongan so you do not wait for the ships to be sailing, what else fitting the holidays will be a lot of tourists who will visit to Lembongan. Arthamas Express is the best fast boat service in Sanur , you can choose Arthamas Express to go to Lembongan with.

Usually the main purpose of foreign tourists to come to Lembongan is to conduct the activities of surveying, diving and snorkeling amazing. How not, on one side of the island is famous for its waves that fit for the activities of surfing. So also with the beauty of the underwater, beautiful fish that adorn the ocean can be found by doing snorkeling and diving activities.

Adventure on the island of Lembongan

There will be many rental services of snorkeling, diving and surving vessels on this island of Lembongan. But if you already enjoy what it feels like a vacation on the beach Lembongan, it’s good you start the adventure with a tour around the island nusa lembongan. Not until it takes time-day days, just one day enough to enjoy the entire tourist attraction on the island of Lembongan is to hire the services of motorcycles are widely available there. Tips for those of you who will vacation to Lembongan, it’s good you bring cash from the cash carrying ATM card. Because the island is only available 1 ATM outlets that must have been busy used by foreign tourists.



Lembongan consists of places of climbs and cliffs, unlike other islands whose contours are flat. From the harbor you take the right lane and go up the ramp, upstairs you will see many seats are lined up, it is true that it is a cafe that has been provided for you to enjoy the atmosphere at the top of the island of Lembongan.

From the top of that hill, you can see the beautiful scenery Lembongan, almost the whole region of Lembongan you can see through the hill. In fact you will see the island of Bali on top of a majestic mountain that stands majestically above it.


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Continuing from Bukit Panorama(Panoramic Hill), you follow the big road that tracks down and uphill. We will head to the beach of Dream Beach which is said to be a beach that is suitable for surfers. If you are afraid of being misguided, it’s good to ask the locals who are there. Do not be shy guys, because the inhabitants are very friendly if asked directions to the location of the tourist attraction, because it is a signpost that shows the location of the attraction there is very minimal so vulnerable misguided.

Toward Dream Beach Beach you will pass one step again that is the cliff that covered this beach. Because indeed this beach is under the cliff. But from above you will be able to see the beach with big waves rolling. It is suitable for those of you who are happy with the activities of surfing or surfing.


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Just like in Kuta, one of the locations in Lembongan also offers nightlife at Mushroom Beach. But without traffic and quieter than Kuta. There are many cafes lined the surrounding beach. But if you visit in the afternoon, you will find a few visitors is perfect for those of you who want to play sand and enjoy a cup of coffee or drinks beer on the beach


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Lembongan Island is surrounded with mangrove forest that serves to hold big waves to get to the mainland. Apparently this mangrove forest can be used as a charming tourist attractions. If you start from the harbor, you simply take the left lane and follow the existing path to the end of the road.

You will find some resident boats ready to take you around the mangrove forest. The cost is friendly enough around IDR 50,000 to Rp.100.000 to get around the mangrove forest, the time is no more than 1 hour of adventure. In the journey you will find mangrove forest is so dense. In each tree is also provided the labels of the name of the tree and its scientific name, so while we enjoy the beauty of adventure in the mangrove forest we also get educated knowledge about trees that lives around it.





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